Après la pluie, le beau temps!

Here we are 1 month into our adventure and it has been a roller coaster ride! Before we hit the road full time we thought we would park ourselves in a campground for the summer. We picked a campground in Northern Quebec. The price was good, free WiFi and no extra charge for Hydro. Quebec is beautiful, famous for their ski hills, and thousands of beautiful lakes and the great fishing! The only glitch  sometimes is the language barrier for Gord, so he has to bring me everywhere with him, we travel together. Having said that we have wonderful neighbours who are bilingual, the native people are English speaking and it’s always a surprise how many are bilingual. So not a big issue.

Now as the title suggest it wasn’t all fun and games. We arrived during a storm, Gord was busy setting up. First we didn’t know that the fridge takes 24 hours to cool, here we are panicking thinking it might be defective. We found the information in the pile of manuals that came with the RV. Then when the electricity goes out the pumps don’t work for water. So that lasted for for 18 hours. Now for those who don’t know us we are travelling with 2 parrots. No fault of their own it was an adjustment for them also, so it added to our stress. Not counting the sleepless nights for us and the birds because of mosquitoes it was a real challenge. No TV stations, unreliable internet. Then just when we thought we were settled Gord lost a tooth crown so he had to drive back 3 1/2 hours back to ottawa to the dentist. Oh did I mention that on the way here our A/C quit in our car. Not to mention the stress of downsizing from 1500 sqft to  250 sqft. At the risk of sounding whiny I’ll stop here, but the list goes on. A string of bad luck! But that’s life! It’s an adventure! And we have no regrets. Here is the link to where we  are https://pavillondespinsgris.com


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    The good always outweighs the bad! I am sure there is also a big list of all the good things.

    It definitely takes a little while to get your feet on the ground with full-time RVing, there is certainly an adjustment period. Once you get used to how things work and the parrots get used to their new home things will settle down and you will feel much more at home.

    Congruatulations, on becoming full-time in the RVing world. 🙂


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    Thanks Ruth for the encouraging words, regardless of all the hiccups we are loving it!

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    Hey Gordo, just wanted to wish you all the best on your big Day! Hope you are having fun and safe travels.
    Best wishes to one of the nicest couples there is!


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