Balloon Fiesta

We stayed in Amarillo for 2 weeks. It was so windy it shook “Harvey” up so much at night it would wake us up. And of course it rained on most days. We made the best of it. We went to the “Big Texan” restaurant, they pick us up free of charge in a limo at the campground and brought us over to this famous Texan restaurant which if you can eat a 72oz. steak in under 60 minutes it’s free. We skipped the challenge and enjoyed the Prime Rib and Steak. The food was great and I loved the singers coming over to the table and playing old fashion country tunes! Then we went to Palo Duro Canyon, dubbed the 2nd biggest canyon in the US, it didn’t disappoint. I haven’t seen the Grand Canyon yet, so I’m sure I will be amazed because I was here. Breathtaking!


Arrived at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta on October 8th. Spent the day Sunday October 9th enjoying the fiesta. We were up at 5:00AM to catch the shuttle which took us to the field to watch the morning launch. The balloons are launched at dusk, so the sky is light up, it was truly a magnificent site. Then as the day goes on more balloons are launched. The sky is filled with very unusual balloons from different countries. The fiesta also provides lots of fast foods and shops for souvenirs. Having been up early we went back to our RV site and napped, later we went back for the evening glow and fireworks. Crossed off my bucket list and it was well worth the trip.

We could even see the odd balloon escaped to our RV site!

The following day we took the Tram up Sandia Peak. We were told to arrive early to beat the crowds, but everyone thought the same and we stood in line for 2 hours. But we had great conversations with the people in line and the wait was well worth it! Beautiful view of Albuquerque!


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    Palo Duro Canyon is nice, but with all due respect it’s about three percent of the Grand Canyon. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of the Grand Canyon and they are nice but they don’t prepare you for the actual thing.

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