Cooking and RV’ing

I thought I would have to give up cooking while full time RV”ing and I love cooking and baking. I had the impression that everything RV or camping involves BBQ or fire pit cooking. But the weather doesn’t always cooperate for outdoor cooking. And then a friend suggested Instant pot. A one pot kitchen gadget that does it all. I love kitchen gadgets and I had to get rid of years of accumulated kitchen gadgets so I was reluctant to get back into it for fear of becoming a once again obsession. Of course I constantly have to remind myself of the limited space so I have to choose my gadgets carefully. So far I have allowed myself a breakfast maker, a bullet blender, and crock pot in our limited space. I eventually put the crock pot in storage when the instant pot came out and never looked back. because of its versatility its the perfect pot for RV camping. The instant pot is a slow cooker, rice maker, yogurt maker, pressure cooker all in one. In the next few months in preparation for summer camping we will be experimenting with our pot and perfect our meals. I find that recipes found in books or online require a lot more ingredients that your limited space can handle or they’re too complicated, time consuming or exotic. Were travelling! I like to keep it simple. Here is the latest recipe that we have put together in the last few weeks:


Sirloin Tip Roast 1.35Kg (2.97lbs)

1 Package of Club House Beef Stew

2-3 potatoes

3 carrots



add other preferred vegetables ie. green/yellow beans, parsnip, rutabaga etc.

Season roast with a steak spice rub. I used Cabela’s open season whiskey steak seasoning. Slit the top of the sirloin in three places and insert garlic cloves. You can add slices of onions over the roast. Mix 1 cup of water with 1 package of Club House Beef stew and pour in the Instant Pot.

Cook for 20 minutes – Meat selection. High pressure. When done do a 20 minute natural release of pressure. Remove meat and keep warm in aluminum foil.

Add vegetables to liquid in instant pot and cook for 5 minutes on meat selection at high pressure. When done wait 10 minutes and then quick release pressure, you can place a damp cloth over the pressure release button to avoid splatter. Be careful hot steam exits from pressure release so go slow.

And voila! in less than 1 hour you have a pot roast! serve with a glass of red wine!

Nice dinner for two with some left over for lunch the next day!


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