FROG Rally in Kingston

What a wonderful weekend. It was great to have the organizers of the Forest River Owners Group “FROG” rallies with us, FROG Bob and Cindy. Local rallies are always fun, a group of RV’ers who get together either by  brand of RV, the area you live in, common interest etc. it’s always an opportunity to meet other fellow RV’ers, make friendships, exchange ideas, talk about your travels…. Isn’t that what RV’ing is all about? Since we can’t get enough we planned on going to the “mother” of all rallies for Forest River, which is in Goshen, Indiana in August. But since we have been RV’ing now only a year and after the Mexico trip, Gord wanted to settled down and rest for a while (can’t imagine why) so we decided to forgo the Indiana trip this year. Then it was brought to our attention that the rules have changed and to be able to be eligible for the services they offer for your RV, your rig has to be a 2016 and up. So this is the last year we can get this service, lucky for us we were able to obtain tickets….so as the song goes “Indiana wants me……”. Now back to reality, everything was going smoothly, we even did great at pulling our Jeep for the first time ((it followed us all the way home!). Satisfied with our weekend, once back into the same tire marks we left behind at our campsite, I went about my “pink” jobs and Gord his “blue” jobs. If I have learned anything in a year of RV’ing is prepare yourself for the unexpected. So our main slide-out refuses to slide out. Now everyone knows how busy the RV mechanics are at this time of year, so we will be eating out for the next couple of weeks.  Thank God we can get to the Beer!

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