Full Day On The Road

Day 3 | Sept 20

Read about another Earthquake in Mexico so our caravan is keeping us posted on the developments. Hopefully things will have settled down and we will be able to travel to Mexico as planned. Regardless if it doesn’t work out well continue travelling the US.
We left at 9AM, but wished we had left earlier we got caught in rush hour traffic at Columbus, OH. We have another big city to go around, Indianapolis. We entered Indiana at 11:45AM, the roads are rough especially overpasses and bridges (hard to make sandwiches for lunch). After we crossed the city of Indianapolis it was a long stretch without rest areas, luckily the driver went to washroom earlier. We arrived at Illinois at 1:30 and we gained an 1 hour because of central time. So we decided to bypass our campground and keep driving for another 1 hour. Our total time on the road today was 8 hours and we still arrived at Cedarbrook Campground in Mulberry at 5PM or 4PM central.


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    Enjoy be safe

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    Safe travels.

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    Our house is on the market, most of our stuff has been purged and we are anxiously awaiting our full time life in our 36′ Heartland Big Horn 5th wheel, once our house is sold. We’ve traveled approximately 5-6 months each year for the past 3 years and plan to winter in S. Texas this year. Here we are paying taxes, insurance and utilities on a house when we are hardly there…..plus all the maintenance, worrying about things being taken care of when we are gone, etc. Suddenly, we are asking ourselves, why keep the house any longer? Very similar to your story. I look forward to following your adventures. I love reading RV blogs. I’ve learned so much about the RV life and beautiful areas to visit on our travels from others. Best wishes to you on your journey!

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      Thank you Cheri for your lovely comment, always nice to hear from fellow travellers. Best of luck on the sale of your house and happy travels! Maybe we’ll cross paths on the road!

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    Be safe ….

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