Now what?

Since we bought our RV in the fall it went straight to storage, we haven’t even test driven it. But it is being prepared now for us to pick up in about 6 weeks. So TICTOC! were winding down for our exit. It hasn’t been easy, especially purging. Personally I found purging satisfying, it seems that uncluttering  and organizing my home does the same for my mind. However, getting rid of stuff is not easy. First, since our belongings eventually will be our children’s inheritance, why wait until we’re not here to enjoy giving our kids things they can use for their home?. So they all claimed the items they wanted. Next is the other stuff they either already had or just didn’t want. First we looked at what resources we had to rid  of things. What we were willing to give away and what could be sold. Social media sites for giving away in your community, Facebook pages, community selling venues, or larger sites such as Kijiji were all useful. We started with give aways, things we didn’t think anyone would pay for or it was just not worth the trouble to sell.

Things like years of accumulated Xmas decorations,  all the glasses we collected from our travels which ended up on a shelf in the basement. Things we tried to sell and got no response, we ended up giving away. But to our surprise just because it’s free doesn’t mean people want it so we packed up a lot of it and donated to organized charities such as Value Village. Other items got posted on Kijiji.  We learned a lot from trying to give/sell our stuff. First when people say they will come and pick up an item at a certain time, don’t hold your breath. Be prepared that  people will change their mind and lack the honesty to tell you. I had people  string me along for a week, promising to pick the item everyday. It can be frustrating because you’re putting items out on the porch for them to pick up and bringing it back in when it snows or at night. And if you are the impatient sort who likes to “git er done” quick, you’ll be angry at the amount of inconsiderate  people out there.

So my advice is to be firm “pick up now or it goes to next person”. As for selling tips, my son in law who does a lot of online buying and selling confided that if someone comes back with “will you take ? $ for it” site unseen, invariably don’t show up. He was right, so we ignored those and it sold to people who genuinely wanted the item, they came out to see it and then we negotiated. The other thing is careful with people who will ask you if you will deliver. Don’t be in a hurry to sell, wait for the right person who will come out and look at the item. There are many sites on how to purge, how to become minimalist (there’s even a documentary about it). The above are just the things we  observed!

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