Pit Stop

Day 2 | Sept 19

Left at 9AM found a FlyingJ for gas and propane and filled up for 160.44. Interstates in NY have tolls,we spend $15.00 in tolls before the Pennsylvania border. The gas averages 2.85 in NY. We made it into OHIO. Never thought it would be so high in altitude (2100ft+) From hwy 271 to hwy 71 to Columbus OH we took exit 140 we filled up again at Pilot/flyingJ for $90.12 and stayed at Cardinal RV and shooting range. We were leery of this campground but it turned out to be great. Again conveniently located right off the HWY. Pilot gas station just down the street, the price was $31.00. Again it met our requirements, which is even ground and wifi. We even had several TV channels.

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