Suggested gadgets for your RV

Auto transformer and surge protection

Autotransformer gives you protection from fluctuations in power from poor power in the camp ground or just hydro in the area which when leveled off to a safe 120V will avert any motor driven electrical devices in your RV being burnt out ie AC, fridge. The surge protector (EMS) protects all electrical devices from a spike caused primary buy lightening storms.

You can go one of two ways either with it built together or separate. The company “Hughes” sell an Autofromer (as they call it) with surge protection build in for 4800 joules. The other route is to buy it seperate and buy the autotransformer from the surge protection (EMS). If you were to go this route I would put the EMS between the trailer and the Auto transformer plugging your transformer into the camp ground connection.

Walkie talkies

These are available at your local camping stores such as Cabelas. Fifty dollars gets you a good set. We plan to use mainly to help Gord navigate when parking. One thing I learned (the hard way) when you help someone back up with a car you mainly look at the bumper not hitting obstacles, with an RV you have to look up, way up, and make sure your ladder doesn’t hit your eaves trough on your house if backing into your lane way. ..oooops!

Desktop booster WiFi Kit 

2000mW 2W 802.11g/n High-Gain USB Wireless G / N Long-Range WiFi Network Adapter With Original Alfa Screw-On Swivel 9dBi Rubber Antenna with magnetic base and Suction cup Window Mount dock 

If you can’t live without your tablet, phone computer, this grabs signal WiFi from your campgrounds access point.

Watch “What Comes in the WiFi Desktop Booster Kit from TechnoRV?” on YouTube

Alfa Networks Camp-Pro WIFI use on boats, RVs and campers

This is a special kit shipping in one retail box that features 3 Alfa parts designed to pick up a weak Wi-Fi signal and repeat it as your own personal hotspot. This is ideal for use on boats, RVs and campers, or larger properties. Here’s what you get.

Garmin portable friction mount

Now if you don’t want to permanently mount your Garmin on your dash, this little gadget is perfect, it allows you to position it anywhere you want.

  • Vehicle dash mount for use on any stable surface
  • Securely holds your GPS in vehicle
  • Does not slide or detach while vehicle is in motion
  • Adjustable to position GPS in a variety of angles

Official VIOFO® A119 Car Dashcam – Capacitor Edition Built for Canadian Weather, GPS Logger, 1440P 1080P Dashboard Camera 

  • Automatically record HD videos when you are driving, providing footage for accidents and scenic driving
  • Small and Discrete; with GPS logger / mount, rotatable lens
  • 1440P @ 30FPS, 1080P @ 60FPS; 4M HDR sensor; excellent night vision
  • Powered by super-capacitor (instead of battery), cold and heat resistant
  • Loop recording, automatically overwrites oldest video footage with newest one

For menu setup this is what we found is good for all around usage but you can certainly adjust to what you might like:

Resolution – 1440P , Loop Recording 3 min , Exposure – OEV, WDR – Off, Time Lapse Record – Off , Motion Detection – Off , GPS – On , G-Sensor – Off , Both LDWS&FCWS- Off , Date Stamp On, Record Audio – On (but make sure it is legal where you live to have in) , Screen – 1 min, LED – On , Date/Time – adjust if GPS is Off , Time Zone – adjust if GPS is Off , Beep sound – On , Frequency – 60 Hz in North America/50 Hz in Europe , Format Warning 30 days (it’s good to format frequently it keeps the micro SD card in good working order) , Car Number – optional but you could put your license # or name here.

When buying a micro SD card for unit try to buy one that is of MLC construction they will last longer before failing and with a continuous loop recording it will be worth while. I bought a Lexar 633x which is of this construction.

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