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You can never have enough RV tips when your a newbie. Everyday is an learning opportunity. We seem to follow Murphy’s law: “If something can go wrong it will”.  There are three important things you need when RV’ing: be prepared for everything, keep calm and keep your sense of humor. Once you have that under your belt the following tips will make your life easier while travelling:

Along with a good Garmin (Garmin RV 660LMT), a good resource is a book I purchased on Amazon “The Next Exit” The most complete Guide of USA Interstate Highway Exit Services (2017). This book was useful to let me know where the next FlyingJ/Pilot gas station was, Fast Food and Rest areas.

We found Gas cheaper at FlyingJ/Pilots. Don’t forget your Good Sams Card which gives a five cent discount per gallon.

Good Sam membership was not only worth it for gas but we were able to pre-plan our trip. I like to know where I’m going so planning my trip relieves a lot anxiety. We didn’t necessarily stay at our plan stops, some days Gord felt like he could drive further and that was OK , I just picked another park. So stay flexible don’t book your parks in advance if staying only overnight. Or call ahead en route just to make sure they have a spot.

When Gord was opening the kitchen pop out it was making screeching noises and the belt was twisting and turning, I yelled for him to stop, after investigating we noticed that the paper towel roll had fallen in the between the pop out and cupboard and was jamming it. Lesson: Always check your pop outs for possible obstructions when opening and closing. P.S. Bought a mounted paper towel roll at Walmart.

Our friends Ken and Terry told us about this trick: Use a damp Bounce Sheet to clean the bugs on your windshield, whatever chemicals are in it works wonders to dissolve those little buggers. Cleaning your windshield as soon as you arrive in the park before they dry makes it easier to clean.

Keep your water jugs, fill one with tap water before leaving and leave in the bathroom to flush the toilet when using during travelling if your’e not carrying water in your holding tank.

We no longer use the auto-leveling, because of a bad experience of the back tires lifting off the ground on a level spot. So now we level in a manual mode. We verify with a small bubble level on the floor beside us. We level the front 2 jacks first then bring the back down to take the pressure off the tires and stabilize. Then if needed we redo the front, then the left or right. If the front tires are lifted off the ground always support them with blocks, to prevent damage to the front end steering components.

During a rain storm one of our windshield wiper detached (go figure). It’s a good idea to keep spares of some things such as: windshield wiper blades (Walmart).

If you can, buy an air compressor (Viair, make a nice portable which pumps up to 150 PSI). The time to check your tires is first thing in the morning when your’e getting ready to take off.

In an effort to make rv’ing safe and enjoyable, I will try to add as we go along, and please feel free to add your’e tips and suggestions!


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    Here’s my big hint: buy used first. You should be able to get something reasonable for about $20K if you are patient. Then you can decide what you really want and need. There is a wide variety of vehicle choices out there, and a ton of different ways to use an RV. At first you don’t always know what will work for you.

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