What Will People Say!

First we had to confirm in our mind that we weren’t doing something crazy before we told our loved ones.

So we searched social media rv’ing  sites. A whole new world we never fully realized existed opened up. Full time rv’ing was a thing! A very popular thing, especially for retirees.  It was like when you buy a green car and suddenly notice a lot of green cars on the road. We were out shopping at a  popular camping store, we asked the salesman his advice on which walkie talkie to buy. The salesman started sharing his plans to sell everything and travel full time for a few years, the only difference was that his plans were by boat not RV.  But the philosophy was the same. His plan was to be a “cool” grandpa and so do we. Coincidence,  maybe! But it seemed that everywhere we went people were contemplating the same. If it wasn’t in their future plans a lot of people said they wish they could do what we’re doing. Although everyone was supportive of our travel plans, selling our retirement bungalow and being essentially homeless came as a shock to some. Our society value home ownership and the collection of things, so giving all that up raised a few eyebrows. To be honest there were many nostalgic moments while the house was for sale. Is it too late to change our minds? That question hovered every step of the way but life is not without risk and we forged ahead, constantly reminding ourselves of the end results. The end result being free to travel and see part of this world we can’t see being attached to a house. Did our friends and family think dementia might be setting in? our kids probably did, but all were very supportive and are looking forward (I think) to hearing about our new adventures.

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